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Jordi Arbiol
Giuseppe Battaglia
University College London, UK
Paolo Bondavalli
Thales Research & Technology, France
Tal Dvir
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dmitri Efetov
ICFO, Spain
Xinliang Feng
Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany
Oliver Gröning
Empa, Switzerland
Ernesto Joselevich
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Ian Kinloch
University of Manchester, UK
Shlomo Magdassi
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Jose Angel Martin Gago
Danny Porath
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Víctor Puntes
ICREA / ICN2, Spain
Meital Reches
Institute of Chemistry The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Paolo Samori
Université de Strasbourg, France
Samuel Sánchez
IBEC, Spain
Daniel Sanchez Portal
Yoram Selzer
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Uri Sivan
Technion, Israel
Niek van Hulst
ICFO, Spain
Pedro Alpuim
INL, Portugal
Paola Ayala
University of Vienna, Austria
Blanca Biel
Universidad de Granada, Spain
Josep Ferré Borrull
URV, Spain
Anna Laromaine
Cesar Moreno
ICN2, Spain
Francesc Perez-Murano
David Soriano
Radboud University, The Netherlands
Klaas-Jan Tielrooij
ICN2, Spain
Pedro Alpuim (INL, Portugal)
Towards a biosensing platform based on graphene field-effect transistors
Jordi Arbiol (ICREA-ICN2, Spain)
Free-standing nanostructures at atomic scale: from growth mechanisms to local properties
Paola Ayala (University of Vienna, Austria)
On the quantification of heteroatoms in carbon nanotubes at bulk and local scale
Giuseppe Battaglia (University College London, UK)
Molecular engineering of polymersomes: design principles and applications
Blanca Biel (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
Point-like defects in transition metal dichalcogenides characterized by SPM simulations
Dmitri Efetov (ICFO, Spain)
Cascade of superconducting domes and magnetic order in charge neutral and ¼ filled magic angle bilayer graphene
Josep Ferré Borrull (URV, Spain)
Structural Design and Biotecnological Applications of Nanoporous Anodic Alumina
Oliver Gröning (Empa, Switzerland)
Engineered Quantumphases in Graphene Nanoribbons
Ernesto Joselevich (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Guided Nanowire Optoelectronics
Ian Kinloch (University of Manchester, UK)
Electrochemical Exfoliation of 2D Materials for Composite and Energy Applications
Jose Angel Martin Gago (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
Highly-controlled graphene functionalization as a platform for robust nano-bio-hybrid interfaces
Cesar Moreno (ICN2, Spain)
Atomically-precise graphene nanoarchitectures
Francesc Perez-Murano (IMB-CNM-CSIC, Spain)
Self-assembly methods for nanoelectronics
Víctor Puntes (ICREA / ICN2, Spain)
The use of metal oxide nanoparticles as third generation immunotherapy: Phenotypic changes follow changes in the chemical potential.
Paolo Samori (Université de Strasbourg, France)
Internet of functions in hybrid supramolecular nanomaterials
Samuel Sánchez (IBEC, Spain)
Nanomotors: Active nanoparticles that move, respond to stimuli, sense, clean, and transport drugs efficiently.
David Soriano (Radboud University, The Netherlands)
Proximity effects in van der Waals heterostructures containing 2D magnetic insulators
Klaas-Jan Tielrooij (ICN2, Spain)
Graphene for detection and creation of terahertz light
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