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Raith offers innovative solutions for sub-10nm focused ion beam (FIB) nanofabrication, SEM-based electron beam lithography (EBL), large area SEM image capture, gas-assisted nanolithography, in situ nanomanipluation and nanoprofilometry. Raith’s proprietary FIB technology offers a wide range of ion species and elevates FIB based nanofabrication to a new level with highest selectivity and unsurpassed stability for automated wafer-scale patterning.

Raith GmbH
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8
44263 Dortmund / Germany
Phone: +49-231- 95 004-0

ScienTec Prevac

ScienTec, specialized in the distribution of rigorously selected scientific equipments (AFM microscope, Vacuum technology, NanoIndentation systems, Profilometers), has for mission to serve and assist French, Iberian and Nordic markets.

With more than 15 years experience in Nanotechnology, our sales engineers will help you to define the right tool and configuration, our application group will teach and help you run the machines and our after sales team will preventively maintain or repair your systems.

Your investment will be back up with a perfect combination of top level instruments with the know-how and tool expertise in the distribution.

By characterization at ScienTec we mean:
  -Atomic Fore Microscopy from CSInstruments
  -Vacuum Technology from PREVAC
  -NanoIndentation from Nanomechanics
  -SNOM and AFM+RAMAN from Nanonics
  -Digital Holography Microscopy from Lyncée Tec
  -Mechanical Profilometry from KLA Tencor
  -Optical profilometry
  -Thin Film thickness from Filmetrics
  -Accesories and SPM consumables with AppNano

Please contact us at: or :


SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH - A Story of Constant Innovation
SPECS has more than 150 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and its subsidiaries in the USA and Switzerland. The company also has sales offices and international sales channels in more than sixteen countries. A team of scientists and engineers are involved in developing and producing scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology. By constant innovation new techniques, components or system concepts are launched every year since more than 30 years, revolutionizing the field of surface analysis.
Contact SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH ( for further information.

ScienTec Prevac

Lasing, S.A. is, since 1980, a company dedicated to the distribution in Spain of the highest technology in instrumentation and photonics products. We are pioneers of introducing new technologies in Spain, with excellent technical support.Lasing facility is based in Madrid, which is a multi purpose-built 1000 m2 premises. The premises include optical, electronic and mechanical workshops for system integration and equipment testing.

Lasing consists of highly qualified, professional staff members. Our teamwork possess superb educational backgrounds, many with advanced degrees in science (physics and chemistry), electronics engineering and marketing/business management. Lasing has a large number of installations in Research Centers, Universities, Hospitals and main Industries. Reliability and customer satisfaction have the priority at Lasing to establish long term relationship with our customers and principals.
We offer a wide range of innovative equipments for nano-science studies:

  • Thin Films fabrication and characterization
  • Surface interactions studies at nanoscale
  • Fast scanning and super-resolution AFM
  • Automated force spectroscopy
  • Force Sensing optical tweezers turnkey system
  • Optical spectroscopy systems

For more information please do not hesitate to visit or send an email to

NanoVex Biotechnologies

Nanovex Biotechnologies SL is an innovative technology-based spin-off founded in 2014 that provides a wide range of services and products in the nanobiotechnology field.

Our specialized team has great experience in the design, development, modification, functionalization and characterization of nanovesicles and metallic nanoparticles for multiple applications.

Nanovex Biotechnologies SL provides services linked to the design and development of several nanomaterials such as nanovesicles and metallic nanoparticles, as well as their surface modification or functionalization with biomaterials (e. g. antibodies, biotin, avidin).

Furthermore, our company offers several products based in different nanomaterials by appling our technology of design, development and modification of nanovesicles and metallic nanoparticles to assist in the development of applications and products in the field of medicine, pharmacy or food industry.

For more information: /

CEMITEC ADItech (, the Multidisciplinary Centre of Technologies for Industry – being FUNDACION CETENA as legal entity – is part of the Industry area of ADItech. ADItech (Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation/ is a private entity with more than 800 researchers that brings together technology centres located in Navarra in the fields of: Energy, Industry, Agro-food, and Biomedicine, and it has a clear international objective.
CEMITEC'S goal is to develop technology that can be transferred to industry. CEMITEC ADItech has a team of  high qualified people specialised in four technological areas: Electronics, Mechanics, Materials, and Material Deposition Technologies. This multidisciplinary team is composed of people with varied but complimentary experience, qualifications, and skills, working together to give solution to very different situations. CEMITEC ADItech works with over 350 industrial partners every year, participates in many FP7 and H2020 European consortiums (e.g.: NanoSelect, SusFoFlex, PowGeTec, Seed Capital, Net Market Fluids, EnviGuard…), and in national and regional research projects. Its facilities include: materials testing laboratories, chemical laboratories, nanomaterials handling clean rooms, electronical laboratories, climatic chambers, FE-SEM, printing pilot lines, nanolitography equipment, sensing lab …

PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES. Development of new processes and methods for manufacturing and fabrication, using novel printing and deposition technologies from nanoscale to large area and high throughput.
ADDITIVES TECHNOLOGY. Use of additives to improve the properties of different substrates to be used in printed electronics (polymeric and cellulosic), providing competitive advantages.
COATINGS TECHNOLOGY. Solutions to improve the surface properties or functionalities of a substrate in order to reduce production and maintenance costs and improve its sustainability and reciclability.
FUNCTIONAL INKS. Development of functional inks for inkjet, photogravure, and serigraphy.
NANOFLUIDS Advanced heat transfer fluids engineered by dispersing nanoparticles (e.g.: CuO2, Al2O3, Cu…) in conventional heat transfer fluids to improve heat transfer in electronics & energetic industrial sectors & applications.
NANOFABRICATION, CEMITEC can make nanopatterns of posts, holes or lines, with pitches down to 180nm and features down to 30nm, over areas as large as Ø10cm. Typical materials would be Glass, Silicon or other semiconductors, combined with metals if desired. We are currently developing our own Roll-to-Roll system of UV Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) in combination with advanced printing technolgies.


The Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2 – Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) is a non-profit international research institute close to Barcelona (Spain). Its research lines focus on the newly discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the fascinating behaviour of matter at the nanoscale. Its mission is to become an international centre of reference in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. ICN2 interacts with universities, research centres, technology centres, private sector R&D, the scientific community and society in general. It is among the initial promoters of the Graphene Flagship and part of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (


From cutting edge scientific research to routine surface investigations, NT-MDT has a unique and unrivalled portfolio of scanning probe microscopes.  Our application-focused instruments provide you with a full range of capabilities in AFM-Raman, high-resolution, multi-frequency measurements, and AFM based nanomechanics.  As an innovator in SPM for over 20 years, NT-MDT has a specialized high-performance solution for your research needs.

Key Products: SPM/AFM/STM; Raman TERS; Spectroscopy

For more information: /


Alava Ingenieros Group is an entirely privately owned group which has been providing high technology solutions in the Testing, Measurement, Communications, Security, Defence and Preventive Maintenance fields since it was first founded in 1973 and recently in Nanotechnology.
The equipments that are provided from The Nanotechnology Systems Division of Alava Ingenieros are the following:

   - SEM/FIB-SEM (Tesccan), scanning electron microscopes, supplementary accessories for SEMs, light optical micrsocopy accessories and image processing, special vacuum chambers and custom systems, detection systems, scientific hardware and software development.
   - AFM (Keysight), wide range of high-precision atomic force microscopes that are highly configurable. High speed AFM, up to 1 image at high resolution in 2 seconds.
   - Profilometers (Sensofar), the non-contact optical 3D profiling. S neox, S-linx and Smart outperform all existing optical profilers, combining confocal, interferometry and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head without any moving parts.
   - XRD (Stoe), high-end Powder and Single Crystal Diffractometer to characterize single crystals and powder samples and give answer to which substances a particular powder or crystal contains or at which positions atoms in solid bodies are exactly located.
   - NanoIndenter (Keysight), the most accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument for nanomechanical testing.
   - Compact FESEM (Keysight), a compact system that offers researchers a field emission scanning electron microscope right in their own laboratory.
   - Benchtop TEM (Delong America), the only benchtop transmission electron microscope with SEM, STEM and TEM capabilities. 
   - Ellipsometers (Sentech), Spectroscopic ellipsometry, laser ellipsometer and reflectometer for Thin Film Measurements
   - Plasma etching & PECVD (Sentech), High end plasma etching ICP-RIE & RIE and flexible PECVD system for a variety of standard plasma depositions processes.
   - ALD (Beneq), Atomic layer deposition system and aerosol-based coating for high-end research and concrete production eviroments.
   - Glovebox Workstations (MBraun) that can be equipped with a comprehensive set of optional features for the research and development of emerging technologies, like PVD or ALD.

The group not only offers high technology distribution but also consultancy, engineering, training and technical services, providing turn-key projects. Alava Ingenieros excels in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of its customers and its responsible attitude towards supplies and services carried out, all of which is backed by solid international partnerships and in house resources for integration, installation and after-sales technical service.


Microtest distributes, since more than 20 years, in Europe, High Quality equipment for Physics and Chemistry, materials, microelectronics and nanotechnologies universities and labs.

Microtest is your partner for :

- Atomic Layer Deposition technology by Picosun
- PVD technologies by Kenosistec
- PECVD technologies by Elettrorava
- Rapid Thermal Process by Unitemp
- High temperature Process by Elite
- Pick and Place/Die Bonders, Wire Bonders and Scribers by JFP

Microtest Sales and Technical Engineers will bring you their knowledge and support along your project, from the configuration choice to the install of your equipment and will provide the After-Sale Service adapted to your need.

Please contact us : microtest@microtest-semi.cominternet site


ITENE is a Technological Center offering specialized services in the fields of occupational and environmental health, hygiene and safety. Within our safety and emerging risks unit, we help our clients to successfully implement environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations, as well as to deal with emerging risks from new technologies such as nanotechnology.  We bring together multidisciplinary expertise in hazard assessment, exposure, occupational hygiene and risk assessment of engineering nanomaterials (ENMs). Our facilities cover the needs of the industry including laboratory services to support either hazard and exposure assessment, personal protective equipment testing, simulation of common operative conditions, dustiness testing and morphological and elemental sample analysis

For further info visit