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Poster size: A0 format (width: 841 mm x Height: 1189 mm) (Portrait)
Posters Schedule: Posters should be displayed the 4 days of the event.
Posters should be presented during the designated sessions (Program online soon) and usually during the coffee breaks.
A number will be assigned to each poster. Check for the number assigned to your poster next to the registration desks and its assigned poster area.
You will find double side tape directly on the panel to hang your poster.
Following the feedback obtained from previous editions, the organizers recommend the poster author to stand in front of their work, to enhance fruitful discussions during the designated poster sessions and coffee breaks.
Check the number we assigned to your poster. You have to find your panel (with your number) and hang your poster.  
  Posters - (36)
Bergamini, Luca (UPV/EHU, CFM, CSIC-UPV/EHU and DIPC, Spain) - Nanophotonics/NanoOptics/Plasmonics
Enhanced and Tunable Magneto-Optcs via Fano Lattice Surface Modes in Arrays of Anisotropic Magnetic Nanoantennas
Cabeza Montilla, Laura (Universidad de Granada, Spain) - NanoBiotechnology / Nanomedicine
PLGA nanoparticles as paclitaxel delivery system for the treatment of breast cancer
Conesa Egea, Javier (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Luminescent nanoribbons based on 1D coordination polymers with Cu-I chains
Contreras, Elena (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) - NanoChemistry
Photocontrol of antibacterial capacity based on Z/E isomerism
Corzana, Sergio (Universidad de la Rioja, Spain) - Graphene
Mechanical and Electrical properties of epoxy-graphene nanocomposites
De la Calle Gonzalez, Inmaculada (Ultra Trace Analyses Aquitaine UT2A/ADERA. , France) - NanoChemistry
Particle size determination of metal oxides and metallic (nano-)particles in consumer products by DLS, AF4-MALLS-ICP-MS and SP-ICP-MS
Díaz Núñez, Pablo (Instituto de Fusion Nuclear, UPM, Spain) - Nanophotonics/NanoOptics/Plasmonics
Embedded silver nanoparticle multilayers fabricated by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition
Eguizábal, Adela (Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Approaching Nanoscience to the Footwear Sector
Ezquerro, Cintia (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) - Nanophotonics/NanoOptics/Plasmonics
Synthesis of luminescent hybrid silica-based materials
García Rodríguez, Alba (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain) - Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety
Genotoxicity Assessment of Air-Borne Engineered Nanomaterials using the BEAS-2B and A549 in vitro System
Gómez, Consuelo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Study of the grain thermal stability in the nanostructured tungsten coatings
Gómez, Sara (ICMol (Instituto de Ciencia Molecular), Spain) - NanoElectronics / Molecular Electronics
Interface-assisted Sign Inversion of Magnetoresistance in Spin Valves based on Novel Lanthanide Quinoline Molecules
Gonzalez Mancebo, Daniel (ICMSE(CSIC-US), Spain) - NanoBiotechnology / Nanomedicine
Tunable size Ln:BaGdF5 (Ln= Eu3+ and Nd3+) nanoparticles. Luminescence, magnetic properties, and biocompatibility
Guerrica-Echevarría, Gonzalo (University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain) - Nanotubes
Bio-based polyamide/carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Herrero Solana, Victor (Universidad de Granada, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Patentometric Study of Nanotechnology in Spain
Jiménez, David (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain) - Graphene
Scalability of the graphene/semiconductor barristor targeting digital applications
Jiménez López, Julia (Universidad de Granada, Spain) - NanoBiotechnology / Nanomedicine
Enhanced delivery of Paclitaxel using PLGA nanoparticles: therapeutic effect in lung cancer cell cultures
Klein, Marlene (Ultra Traces Analyses Aquitaine (ADERA-UT2A), France) - NanoBiotechnology / Nanomedicine
Characterization of polymer based nanopharmaceuticals by Asymmetrical Flow Field Flow Fractionation
Lara , Rebeca (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) - Nanophotonics/NanoOptics/Plasmonics
Luminescent platinum systems based on the chromophore 2-phenylbenzothiazole
López Bara, Fernando Ignacio (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain) - Nanomagnetism
Dynamics of the spin-ice states with magnetic charges
López Torres, Diego (Public University of Navarre, Spain) - NanoMaterials
SnO2 humidity interferometric sensor based on photonic crystal optical fiber and Fast Fourier Transform
López-López, Manuel (Universidad de Huelva, Spain) - Nanotubes
A thorough spectroscopic study about the interaction of surfactants with carboxylated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Martinez, Nicolas F. (Scientec Iberica, Spain) - Scanning Probe Microscopies (SPM)
Bimodal HD-KFM and Resiscope Atomic Force Microcopy characterization of bidimensional materials and solar cells.
Merino Diez, Nestor (DIPC, Spain) - Graphene
Structure-property relation in atomically precise graphene nanoribbons on Au(111)
Muñoz Muñoz, Mª del Pilar (CETEM, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Methods of the incorporation of nanoparticles of sio2 in synthesis of aqueous polyurethane dispersion; evaluation of mechanical properties
Ortega Gras, Juan José (Technical Research Centre of Furniture and Wood of Region of Murcia (CETEM), Spain) - NanoMaterials
Effect of adding oxide ceramic nanoparticles into free-formaldehyde wood adhesive for preparing particleboards.
Pacheco Tanaka, David Alfredo (Tecnalia, Spain) - Graphene
Innovative graphene applications
Perez Taborda, Jaime Andres (Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid-CSIC, Spain) - NanoMaterials
Silver and copper selenide: New approach in manufacture of highly efficient thermoelectric
Recio, Imanol (AVANZARE, Spain) - Graphene
Electrical Characterization of polymer matrix graphene composites
Sabri, Nawal (University of Abou Bakr Belkaid, Algeria) - NanoMaterials
The Application of Permanent Magnets Materials in Electrical motors
Santamaría, Eduardo (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) - NanoChemistry
Molecular photoswitches as solar energy storage devices
Santibáñez, Sábel (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain) - NanoChemistry
Hollow Mesoporous Silica Nanostructures: Synthesis and inclusion in rubber compounds
Sarkar, Neelotpol (Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, India) - NanoChemistry
Synthesis and characterization of alloy nanoparticles
Urbieta, Mattin (CFM-MPC, CSIC-UPV/EHU, Spain) - Nanophotonics/NanoOptics/Plasmonics
Optical spectroscopy of metallic icosahedral nanoparticles: classical versus atomistic description
Vila Vecilla, Laura (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain) - Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety
Caco-2 cells as an in vitro model to determine detrimental effects on the intestinal barrier. Studies with SiO2- and ZnO-NPs at sub-toxic doses
Villaro Ábalos, Elvira (Interquimica, Spain) - Graphene
“iGCAuto: Innovative Graphene-Based Polymer Composite Materials for Automotive Applications