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NanoSpain conferences provide an ideal venue for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common objectives and drive the commercialisation of nanotechnology discoveries. Last year more than 223 participants gathered in Seville (Spain) for NanoSpain2007 and six companies exhibited at this meeting. The combined exhibition, poster displays, and catering was a big success.

This year we have chosen Braga for NanoSpain2008. This lively city is located in the North of Portugal, and it is well connected by plane to other parts of Spain and Europe.

Join us at Nanospain2008 to meet new and former customers, to get feedback from clients and, why not?, to make new friends. See you in Braga

- Exhibition booth with resistant panels (corner booth will only have one side panel)
- Electricity socket (220V)
- Inclusion of your own brochures in the conference bag
- Logo and short description of the company in the conference abstract book
- Logo and internet link of your company on the conference web site
- Company logo in all Nanospain2008 marketing channels

A. Package 1 for exhibition booth (4m2):
1100 Euros (VAT included)
- A 2.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE person, including the conference dinner

B. Package 2 for exhibition booth (6m2): 1400 Euros (VAT included)
- A 3.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE representative, including the conference dinner

C. Package 3 for exhibition booth (12m2): 2000 Euros (VAT included)
- A 6.00 m x 2.00 m (or corner) exhibition booth with resistant panels
- Two tables and 4 chairs, plus one meeting table and 2 chairs.
- Full entrance to the conference for TWO representatives, including the conference dinner

Stand Allocation:
on first-come, first-served basis.
A floor plan will be available in January 2008. Booth distribution in the floor plan is only orientative. Modifications can be included upon request. Please, contact us if you have any special need or request.
Additional furniture or audio-visual equipment are available for a fee upon request.

Payment of fees: Booth space is not reserved until payment is received. Booth fee payment must be received before the early-bird fee deadline, or a surcharge will apply. Fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
- Bank transfers (must be net of all expenses) to “Phantoms Foundation” - must indicate Nanospain2008 Conference and NAME OF THE COMPANY. Make the payment to the following bank account:
CAJA MADRID – Pabellon C – PCM, 28049 Cantoblanco (Madrid) – Spain
I.B.A.N (International Bank Account Number): ES15 2038 1608 7060 0001 1588
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CAHMESMMXXX
VAT Number: ES-G83352724

Cancellation policy: Cancellation is allowed until March 10, 2008 without any penalty. A 30% cancellation fee will be assessed if cancellation is received after that date. Cancellations received after March 24, 2008 will be assessed a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total fee.


Nanotec Electrónica is a company devoted to the design, construction and development of Scanning Probe Microscopes and related devices. It is well known that nanotechnology is currently one of the most promising fields in technology. For both fundamental and technological reasons, nanoscience will be the cornerstone of research in coming years. Scanning Probe Microscopes are the main tool used to explore the wonderful nanoscopic world.

Nanotec Electrónica is now distributing siesta, a well known linear-scaling density-functional method. This distribution is only for non academic institutions. For further information about this software package, please contact us.

While Nanotec Electrónica is mainly oriented towards scientific market, we sustain strong connections with the industrial world. Our microscopes cover a very wide range of applications.

If you have any questions, or want any information about Nanotec Electronica, please contact us at:

Centro Empresarial Euronova 3
Ronda de Poniente, 2
Edificio 2 - 1ª Planta - Oficina A
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) SPAIN
Fax: +34-918 043 348
Schaefer Techniques

Solutions for Nanoscale Surface Analysis

With excellent know-how in the new and fast growing fields of nanoscience and materials science, Schaefer Techniques has become a leading supplier of reliable scientific equipments. The strength of our European Group lies in our capability to propose you the most comprehensive range of Scanning Probe Microscopes: from the easy-to-use AFM or STM to the custom UHV system as a total solution for surface analysis research. With RHK, NANOSURF & QUESANT, we have concentrated our efforts in providing you very innovative instruments such as Turnkey UHV STM/AFM system, Cryogenic STM/AFM, universal SPM controller & software, portable AFMs, low-cost educational systems, unique AFM/SECM Dual Modes combination, ambient universal SPM with plug-in probe modules or interesting options like nanolithography and liquid cell. The available key modes in this product line are: STM, Contact AFM, Intermittent Contact AFM, Phase contrast, Spreading Resistance, EC-AFM/STM, SECM (Scanning ElectroChemical Microscopy), MFM, EFM, SCM and LFM. Additional techniques for surface science complete our SPM solutions: optical profilers, topomicroscopes, LEED/AES systems, ion guns & thin film properties measurement devices. Thanks to our highly qualified team of engineers based in Europe, we are today in position to recommend the optimum system that will meet your specific requirements and bring you all the technical support you need. This includes project definition, technical specifications & validation tests. urchasing, trainin : and after sales.

Schaefer Techniques Sarl
1, rue du Ruisseau Blanc
ZA de Lunézy
91620 Nozay - France
Phone: +33 (0)1 64 49 63 50
Fax: +33 (0)1 69 01 12 05
E-mail :

Group Members:
SCHAEFER Technologie GmbH (Germany)
AG (Switzerland)

Dias de Sousa
DIAS DE SOUSA, started its activities in 1983 and signed its first exclusive contract to distribute nanotechnology equipment in Portugal with Topometrix exactly 10 years later in June 1992. It has organized the first conference in Portugal about Scanning Probe Microscopy between the 14th and the 16th of September of that year (1992).
Dias de Sousa has also been the first and as far as we know the only company in Portugal which developed with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, starting in September 1997, a liquid cell for SNOM, being the Director of this 3-year Praxis Project in cooperation with that University.
Today after 25 years of activity and with its unique history in Portugal in the nanotechnology world, DIAS DE SOUSA became a leading distributor of scientific and analytical instrumentation in Portugal, working with world class manufacturers in this area as exclusive distributor for Portugal, like Skyscan, Bruker Grpoup, etc. We highlight of course our Iberian responsibilities in the exclusive distribution for Spain and Portugal of the most talented and reliable manufacturer of nanotechnology instrumentation: NT-MDT. NT-MDT enjoys an 18-year history dedicated to this field having developed SPM’s from the simple equipment for education to the most sophisticated and complete system for scientific research, industry and nanotechnology centres.
Dias de Sousa and NT-MDT are certified companies following ISO 9001:2000 since 2003 and 2005 respectively. NT-MDT has received in 2006 one prestigious R&D 100 award for its famous NTEGRA SPM based systems.

DIAS DE SOUSA - Instrumentação Analítica e Científica SA
Rua dos Jasmins, Nº 541
Parque Industrial do Batel
2890-189 Alcochete
Tel: +351 219 533 120
Fax: +351 219 533 129
General E-Mail:
ScienTec is specialized in the distribution of rigorously selected scientific equipments dedicated to near field surface analysis : AFM, STM, SNOM, Optical Interferometry...

ScienTec objectively studies your individual needs, advises you and proposes the right product for your application, from our product range. We can provide a specific service, with dedicated engineers for after-sales follow-up and support. ScienTec has the in-house expertise to analyse your problem and resolve it, by designing solutions using products and accessories from our range of electronics, optics, mechanics and data processing.

Molecular Imaging is dedicated to providing innovative scanning probe microscopy (SPM) solutions for all academic research and industrial applications. The new PicoPlus microscope is the "all-in-one" solution for applications such as biology, polymers, nanomaterials, electrochemistry...etc, and integrates a number of imaging techniques, such as Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Low Current STM, Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), MacMode AFM, including phase imaging, acoustic AC AFM, Lateral Force Microscopy, Current-Sensing AFM, Pulsed Force Mode (PFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)...etc.

Phase Shift is a manufacturer of 3D non-contact surface metrology instruments. The MicroXAM optical interferometer allows to measure step heights, roughness, waviness, flatness and microstructures etc..., and it is dedicated to many applications such as biomedical optics, hard disks and magnetic media, general optics, semi conductors, polymers, MEMS...etc.

Please contact us at or visit our web page for more information.
Telstar Instrumat

TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. develops high technology instrumentation sales for research and industry, offering suitable technological tools adapted to each application, in order to improve the scientific researches or productive processes of our clients. In these last few years, TELSTAR INSTRUMAT has strengthened its activities representing leading companies in Spain & Portugal in the following applications:

- Surface and material characterisation
- Vacuum and cryogenics instrumentation and technology
- Radiometry and photometry
- Particle counting

TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. counts amongst its customers the principal Official Organisation Investigation Centres and private customers in the microelectronic, aerospace, automotive, optical, food and pharmaceutical industries and in innovative fields such as biotechnology and nanofabrication.

Some of our principals that are specifically of interest for the attendees to this conference are listed below:

- Veeco Instruments (SPM, Optical and Mechanical Profilers)
- Micromaterials Ltd (Nanoindentation Systems)
- SPECS GmbH (Surface Analysis, AFM-STM in UHV)

The company's head office is in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and it also has a branch office in Madrid.

Telstar Instrumat, S.L.
Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 70, 3ª Planta
08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain)
Tel. +34 935 442 320
Fax. +34 935 442 911

C/ Benisoda, 3
28042 Madrid
Tel. +34 913 717 511
Fax. +34 917 477 538

MAB Industrial

Microscopy in all dimensions

With more than thirty years providing optical microscopy solutions to Material Science applications in the fields of research and inspection, MAB Industrial offers innovative instruments for nanotechnology in Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
The Olympus LEXT system extends the capabilities of light microscopy into a three dimensional laser confocal metrology system with fast and reliable measurement results. LEXT obtains 3D images in one click for real-time, high precision non-contact surface measurements (step height, roughness, waviness, particle analysis, etc.). It offers the capability to merge real color information to the image and unique observation methods like laser confocal Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) for the detailed inspection of the tinniest unevenness on a surface. FEI Company has recently launched the PHENOM Imaging Tool, a table-top SEM offering a BSE magnification of 20kX and instant sample loading for superb image quality and high throughput, bridging the gap between optical and electron microscopy.
In addition, MAB Industrial distributes Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (SIS) high resolution cameras and image analysis software for almost every TEM microscope in the market to increase the performance and to reduce operating costs.

Please contact us at for further information.

MAB Industrial, S.L.U.
Córcega 117
08029 Barcelona - Spain
P: +34 93 430 83 01
F: +34 93 419 58 79

BIOMETA was set up in 1998. Its activities are centred on the supply of products and services for research laboratories, industrial quality control and clinical diagnostic. The offices at Parque Tecnológico de Asturias centralize the main services: commercial department, warehouse and technical service. There is an spacious application laboratory where training courses take place quite often, as well as seminars and demos. In order to give the customer the best service there are commercial branches spreaded over the Spanish territory: Vigo, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Madrid, where the technical service is located as well. The current staff is formed by 21 people, most of them with a high degree and wide experience. Materials Science is one of the most relevant fields in which Biometa participates.
The following are some of the most important companies settled in the nano-field and represented by Biometa in Spain:
- PSIA: Atomic Force Microscopes able to measure in True Non Contact mode.
- Hysitron: Nanoindenters designed to specifically indent in the nano-range and able to perform in-situ SPM images.
Other important companies represented by Biometa are:
BUEHLER: Metallography / GALDABINI: Universal Testing Machine / LENTON: Camera and Tube furnaces up to 1800°C RETSCH: Grinding of samples. Particle size analysis / FLUXANA: Sample preparation and accessories for XRF / PARR: Combustion calorimeters. Laboratory reactors
Biometa Parque Tecnológico de Asturias, Parcela 38, 33428 Llanera, Asturias, España (Spain)
Tel.: +34-902-24-43-43
Fax: +34-985-26-91-69
Alava IngenierosMRA Instrumentacao
Alava Ingenieros Group has an history of more than 35 years in Instrumentation Distribution, focused on products for Measurement, Calibration, Simulation, Recording, and Analysis.. We act on the Iberian market, with Alava Ingenieros for the Spanish market and branch company MRA Instrumentação for Portugal. Our main markets are Industry in general, Education and I&D, Communications, Defence, Surveillance, etc.

Alava Ingenieros and MRA Instrumentação officially distribute in Spain and Portugal manufacturers of Test and Measurement Instruments which are leaders on their fields, like, instrument manufacturer for Ultrafine Particles applications. In Nanotechnology world, TSI has a complete product range of Nanoparticle Aerosol monitors and Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitors.  Also, we are focused on other related applications like: Inhalation toxicology, Aerosol Research, Particle Characterization, Atmospheric Aerosols, Particle sizing & counting, Environmental studies, Particle generation & characterization, Flow and Particle diagnostics, Laboratory environmental controls, Life Science research, Pharmaceutical research, Spray diagnostics, powder characterization
, Calibration and testing, Cleanroom certification and testing, Combustion gases, Combustion research, Diesel emissions.  

Alava Ingenieros
Edificio Antalia. C/Albasanz, 16.
28037 Madrid
Tel: +34.91 567 97 00

Fax: +34.91 570 26 61

MRA Instrumentação
Edíficio Ciência II, 1-B
2740-120 Porto Salvo
Tel.: +351.214217472
Fax: +351.214218188

Innovation is nothing new at M.T.Brandão, it's been our major concern for nearly 25 years.
M.T.Brandão was set up in 1984 and centered its activities on the supply of rigorously selected scientific equipments and services for R&D Laboratories, Industrial Quality Control and counts amongst its customers Investigation Centres and Private Companies in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Automotive, Optical, Food, Beverages and Pharmaceutical Industries…

Little more than two decades later, M.T.Brandão provides specific services, with dedicated engineers for after-sales follow-up and support. M.T.Brandão has the in-house expertise to analyse each problem and give it an individual solution.

M.T.Brandão has strengthened its activities representing leading companies such as:
- Spectra-Physics : Diode Pump Lasers, UltraFast Lasers, Tunable Lasers, Amplifiers
- Newport: Vibration Control, Motion Control, Opto-Mechanics, Optics, Photonics Instrumentation
- Anton Paar: Small Angle X-ray Scattering , SURPASS
- FRT : Optical Surface Measuring Systems –Roughness, Profile, Topography, Contour

M.T.Brandão products and services assist customers all over Portugal. You'll find more information about us at

M.T.Brandão, S.A.
Rua de Serralves, 599
4150-708 Porto
Tel: +351 226 167 370
Fax: +351 226 167 379
General e-mail:


Izasa is one of the companies belonging to the Werfen Group.

The Werfen Group is a privately owned international healthcare corporation, comprising a group of leading manufacturing and distribution companies. The group is active worldwide in several areas:
in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices for the hospital and scientific instruments for industry and research.

Since it’s founding in 1966 Werfen Group has fully embraced the concept of partnership, continuously leveraging its strengths, resources and commercial possibilities  through acquisitions, distribution agreements and strategic alliances.
Werfen Group has always prioritized bringing products to market of the highest value - quality and state of the art technology. To this end, the group increased its investment in R&D by more than 80% between 1999 and 2006 (up to 37,7 Million € in 2007).

In 2007 overall turnover exceeded 735 million Euros.

There are more than 3500 people working in the group.

Today we have a direct presence of Werfen Companies in more than 24 countries world-wide and distribution of our own products in more than 62 countries, through partners.

Grupo de Instrumentação Científica
Izasa Portugal Lda.
R. do Proletariado, 1
Quinta do Paizinho
2790-138 CARNAXIDE
Tel. - +351 21 424 73 64
Fax.- +351 21 417 26 59