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Iberlaser S.A.

Fischer Instruments S.A.
 Iniciativa Andaluza en Terapias Avanzadas

Leica Microsystems


Atomic Force
LOT-Oriel Group

Laboratorios Alpha San Ignacio Pharma

Cordouan Technologies
NanoSpain conferences provide an ideal venue for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common objectives and drive the commercialisation of nanotechnology discoveries. Last year more than 330 participants gathered in Braga (Portugal) for NanoSpain2008 and ten companies exhibited at this meeting. The combined exhibition, poster displays, and catering was a big success.

This year we have chosen Zaragoza for NanoSpain2009. Iit is well connected by train to other parts of Spain and Europe.

Join us at Nanospain2009 to meet new and former customers, to get feedback from clients and, why not?, to make new friends. See you in Zaragoza

- Exhibition booth with resistant panels (corner booth will only have one side panel)
- Electricity socket (220V)
- Inclusion of your own brochures in the conference bag
- Logo and short description of the company in the conference abstract book
- Logo and internet link of your company on the conference web site
- Company logo in all Nanospain2009 marketing channels

A. Package 1 for exhibition booth (4m2):
1100 Euros (VAT included)
- A 2.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE person, including the conference dinner

B. Package 2 for exhibition booth (6m2): 1400 Euros (VAT included)
- A 3.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE representative, including the conference dinner

C. Package 3 for exhibition booth (8m2): 1700 Euros (VAT included)
- A 4.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs plus one meeting table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for TWO representatives, including the conference dinner

D. Package 4 for exhibition booth (12m2): 2000 Euros (VAT included)
- A 6.00 m x 2.00 m (or corner) exhibition booth with resistant panels
- Two tables and 4 chairs, plus one meeting table and 2 chairs.
- Full entrance to the conference for TWO representatives, including the conference dinner

Stand Allocation: on first-come, first-served basis.
A floor plan will be available in January 2009. Booth distribution in the floor plan is only orientative. Modifications can be included upon request. Please, contact us if you have any special need or request.
Additional furniture or audio-visual equipment are available for a fee upon request.

Payment of fees: Booth space is not reserved until payment is received. Booth fee payment must be received before the early-bird fee deadline, or a surcharge will apply. Fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
- Bank transfers (must be net of all expenses) to “Phantoms Foundation” - must indicate Nanospain2009 Conference and NAME OF THE COMPANY. Make the payment to the following bank account:
CAJA MADRID – Pabellon C – PCM, 28049 Cantoblanco (Madrid) – Spain
I.B.A.N (International Bank Account Number): ES15 2038 1608 7060 0001 1588
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CAHMESMMXXX
VAT Number: ES-G83352724

Cancellation policy: Cancellation is allowed until February 10, 2009 without any penalty. A 30% cancellation fee will be assessed if cancellation is received after that date. Cancellations received after March 01, 2009 will be assessed a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total fee.


Nanotec Electronica

Nanotec Electrónica is a company devoted to the design, construction and development of Scanning Probe Microscopes and related devices. It is well known that nanotechnology is currently one of the most promising fields in technology. For both fundamental and technological reasons, nanoscience will be the cornerstone of research in coming years. Scanning Probe Microscopes are the main tool used to explore the wonderful nanoscopic world.

Nanotec Electrónica is now distributing siesta, a well known linear-scaling density-functional method. This distribution is only for non academic institutions. For further information about this software package, please contact us.

While Nanotec Electrónica is mainly oriented towards scientific market, we sustain strong connections with the industrial world. Our microscopes cover a very wide range of applications.

If you have any questions, or want any information about Nanotec Electronica, please contact us at:

Centro Empresarial Euronova 3
Ronda de Poniente, 2
Edificio 2 - 1ª Planta - Oficina A
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) SPAIN
Fax: +34-918 043 348
Iberlaser S.A.
Iberlaser was setup in 1993, and is based in Madrid-Spain. Our principal mission statement is provide research Spanish market with the novel instrumentation  and  highly qualified servicing .
Our lines of products include:  

Bio-technology:  Complete Microscopy solutions.
Laser Technology.  CW  and Pulsed lasers covering the range  UV-VIS-IR
Low light Imaging:  High performance digital cameras and imaging software packages
Solar Simulators and illumination sources
Spectroscopy: Spectrographs and detectors. Time resolved and steady state fluorimeters.  
Surface chemistry: Interface Analysis,  Dip coaters,  Monolayers preparation and characterization. Microbalance QCM.

Contact us:
Web site:
Tel: 91 658 67 60  Fax: 91 654 17 00
Avda. Pirineos, 7 - Oficina 2-8b
28700 San Sebastián de los Reyes (MADRID) SPAIN
Fischer Instruments S.A.

Measuring the world of atoms in an industrial style

Cost-effective coating analysis and micro hardness measuring instruments enables economic quality testing in industrial nanotechnology.

Under the term nanotechnology, specialists develop and realize coatings or objects with thicknesses or dimensions of only a few manometers. Due to their special, physical properties, the coatings or objects that are only a few atomic layers thin have particular advantages.
Until now the cost of the instruments used for characterization of the properties of this nano-coats been uneconomically high. Such instruments are almost exclusively suitable for laboratory applications.

Now, quality testers in the field of nanotechnology can work much more cost-efficient using the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDV® for the analysis and thickness measurement of nano-coatings and the and the PICODENTOR® HM500 for nano-hardness measuring

The cost of acquiring these instruments is less than half the typical cost of current comparable instruments. This is possible through the well thought-out design of these measuring instruments in combination with sophisticated evaluation electronics and software.

Moreover, with the automated measurements processes that last only a few seconds, depending on the specifications, it is not only suitable for laboratory measurements but can be used advantageously for quality assurance in manufacturing. In combination with a personal computer, the instruments provide all typical statistical evaluations, print forms and documentations. In this manner, it provides a qualified quality test in the field of industrial nanotechnology.

Through the development of a cost-effective coatings analysis and micro-hardness measuring instruments suitable for use in industrial manufacturing, Helmut Fischer GmbH + Co. KG of Sindelfingen, Germany proves again its great competency and innovative power.

For further information please contact us at

Almogàvers, 157 3ª planta
Phone: 34 93 309 79 16
Fax: 34 93 485 05 94

Telstar Instrumat

TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. develops high technology instrumentation sales for research and industry, offering suitable technological tools adapted to each application, in order to improve the scientific researches or productive processes of our clients. In these last few years, TELSTAR INSTRUMAT has strengthened its activities representing leading companies in Spain & Portugal in the following applications:

- Surface and material characterisation
- Vacuum and cryogenics instrumentation and technology
- Radiometry and photometry
- Particle counting

TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. counts amongst its customers the principal Official Organisation Investigation Centres and private customers in the microelectronic, aerospace, automotive, optical, food and pharmaceutical industries and in innovative fields such as biotechnology and nanofabrication.

Some of our principals that are specifically of interest for the attendees to this conference are listed below:

- Veeco Instruments (SPM, Optical and Mechanical Profilers)
- Micromaterials Ltd (Nanoindentation Systems)
- SPECS GmbH (Surface Analysis, AFM-STM in UHV)

The company's head office is in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and it also has a branch office in Madrid.

Telstar Instrumat, S.L.
Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 70, 3ª Planta
08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain)
Tel. +34 935 442 320
Fax. +34 935 442 911

C/ Benisoda, 3
28042 Madrid
Tel. +34 913 717 511
Fax. +34 917 477 538

 Iniciativa Andaluza en Terapias Avanzadas

Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies:
Advanced therapies are gaining momentum in Andalusia, one of the world's pioneer regions to enact specific regulations enabling human embryonic stem cell research (2003), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (2005)
and the therapeutical application of cellular reprogramming techniques (2007). Recently a set of top-class infrastructures -including research centres, stem cell bank and GMP-compliant clean rooms network- was also established. On the talent side, international recruitment and training initiatives were deployed for researchers and technicians. Finally, specific calls for research projects have been launched and funded sustainedly, as well as independent clinical trials on cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine, Clinical Genetics & Genomic Medicine and Nanomedicine programmes support the regional strategy to foster translational research (from-bench-to-bed), through the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies, which is the core of the Strategic Plan for Health Research, Development and Innovation 2006-2010 of the Regional Ministry of Health.
The Initiative's structure and key action lines are based on the fundamentals of the R&D and innovation process, that is to say, knowledge generation, knowledge diffusion and technology transfer, and knowledge traslation into clinical applications. To enforce this value-creating chain, more and stronger links amongst academia, research organisations, healthcare providers and biotech SMEs have been established.
Each of the above strategic research programs have a specific thematic research centre.
And BIONAND creates a multidisciplinary research environment that provides expertise and fosters collaborations for the design, development, and use of nanosystems for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. BIONAND steers the convergence of recent advances in nanotechnology with modern biology and medicine: the new research domain of nanobiotechnology.

Our Strategic Goals

* Design, develop, and evaluate nanostructures for the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents
* Facilitate the translation of promising delivery systems to clinical research
* Foster new and ongoing collaborative projects
* Recruit experts in nanomedicine research and enhance infrastructure
*Provide training in the emerging multidisciplinary field of nanomedicine

Fundación Progreso y Salud
Av. Américo Vespucio 5, Bloque 2 - 2ª
Parque Científico y Tecnológico Cartuja 93
41092 Sevilla - Spain
Tel:   +34 954 407 139
Fax:  +34 955 04 04 57


ScienTec is specialized in the distribution of rigorously selected scientific equipments dedicated to field of surface analysis:

AFM – STM : Agilent Technologies
SNOM : Nanonics
NanoIndenter : Agilent Technologies (former MTS)
DHM (Digital Holographic Microscope): Lyncée Tec
Stylus profiler: KLA Tencor

ScienTec objectively studies your individual needs, advises you and proposes the right product for your application. We can provide a specific service, with dedicated engineers for after-sales follow-up and support. ScienTec has the in-house expertise to analyze your problem and resolve it, by designing solutions using products and accessories from our range of electronics, optics, mechanics and data processing.

 Agilent Technologies provides innovative scanning probe microscopy (SPM) solutions for all academic research and industrial applications. The 5500 Series (PicoPlus) microscope is the "all-in-one" solution for applications such as biology, polymers, nanomaterials, electrochemistry...etc, and integrates a number of imaging techniques, such as Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Low Current STM, Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), MacMode AFM, including phase imaging, acoustic AC AFM, Lateral Force Microscopy, Current-Sensing AFM, Pulsed Force Mode (PFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)...etc.
Agilent Technologies has acquired the Nano Instruments business unit of MTS Systems Corporation.
The acquisition of the Nano Instruments business will strengthen Agilent’s portfolio of instrumentation for imaging, characterizing and quantifying nano-mechanical material properties.
Nanonics Imaging is the premier innovator of AFM and NSOM systems in the SPM market. Since its inception in 1997 and throughout the last ten years they have introduced to the SPM market new concepts in system functionality which in turn have supported the pursuit of new areas of scientific application. Nanonics contributions span from their revolutionary approach to NSOM imaging with cantilevered NSOM probes, to their introduction of dual tip/sample scanning AFM systems; and from their introduction of the first ever NSOM/AFM cryogenic systems to the first ever, Raman/AFM, Multiprobe AFM and SEM/AFM systems.

Please contact us at or visit our web page for more information.

Universidad de Valladolid
The University of Valladolid, whose history can be traced back to the 13th century, has been the inspirational foundation for numerous other prestigious universities in Spain. It has at all times upheld its firm commitment to teaching and research and, while forging links with Europe and the Americas, has remained deeply committed to its home region of Castilla y León as well to the economic and social development of the society of which it forms part and ultimately aims to serve through its activities.
Through these pages we wish to provide visitors with useful information reflecting the long history of innovation and fruitful labour undertaken by all those who make up our university –teaching staff, service and administration personnel and students- and the responsibility we have to remain duty-bound to the society we serve by putting all of our scientific potential at its disposal.
Our four campuses –Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria-, offering over 100 degree courses, the numerous postgraduate and PhD courses, our renowned international relations, distinguished research centres, wide range of cultural and sports activities together with a rich architectural and archival heritage, provide a unique academic environment in line with the oldest universities in Europe whose history, through excellence and the ability to innovate, we form part of.

Research activity

Universities have the responsibility to be at the leading edge of research activity and at the forefront in the creation of the intellectual wealth that is to contribute to the social well being of mankind. Aware of these changes, the University of Valladolid is involved in significant research work in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, experimental sciences, architecture and engineering as well as biomedical sciences. To this end, it has a staff of research teaching personnel of whom 63% are doctors, with over 500 scholarship fellows and research contracts.
Researchers at the University of Valladolid carry out their activity in different research units: 59 departments, seven university institutes (LOU), nine university institutes of its own and six technology centres part-owned by the university. To perform their research work, state-of-the-art technology and equipment is available, as well as libraries with over 800 000 monographs and more than 16 000 current journals.
The University of Valladolid manages around 740 research projects financed through competitive public R+D+I calls (European, national or regional), and approximately 500 contracts and agreements aimed at the transfer of knowledge and technology, amounting to an average value of over fifteen million Euros per annum. Moreover, its researchers take part in almost 200 further projects and contracts managed by other institutions.
As a result of this research work, the University of Valladolid holds 57 patents and annually publishes around 800 articles in journals listed in the Science Citation Index SCI, around 250 books, and is present at many national and international congresses with over 1 900 papers and communications. Furthermore, an average of 140 doctoral theses are read at the university every year.

Plaza de Santa Cruz nº 6, 4º planta.
47002 Valladolid. ESPAÑA
Tel: ++ 34.983.18.63.54
Fax: ++ 34.983.42.35.48
Nanoaracat is a collaboration agreement framework among the Spanish Communities Aragon and Catalonia, to encourage a series of joint actions in I+D+i in the area of the Nanoscience and the Nanotechnology.
Since 2006 this initiative promotes the research collaboration and the technology transfer among 13 research centres and 5 universities from both communities participating in the project.
Find in our Web page more information about the members.

Current projects and activities:
  • Organization of Nanoscience scientific conferences and technology transfer sessions with the academic and industrial sectors.   (see events on the Webpage)
    • AINIII (3rd Nanotechnology Applications for Industry). 29th May. Barcelona.
  • Promotion of scientific interchanges to provide facilities and equipment of other centers, including the payment for the journey and the accommodation.
  • Financing training courses for researchers and technicians in Catalonia and Aragon.
  • Financing visits to set new projects.
  • Financing scientific exchanges among these communities.
Researchers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology areas from Catalonia and Aragon can request budget for those activities applying at:
The applications will be revised by the scientific commission, which will decide the appropriateness of the request, as we as the amount of the financing of the action in about 10 days.

More information:
Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA)
Aïda Homs Raubert
Tel. 976 76 27 77

Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN)
Jordi Reverter Cendrós
Tel. 93 581 49 17
MAB Industrial
Microscopy in all dimensions

With more than thirty years providing optical microscopy solutions to Material Science applications in the fields of research and inspection, MAB Industrial offers innovative instruments for nanotechnology in Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

The Olympus LEXT system extends the capabilities of light microscopy into a three dimensional laser confocal metrology system with fast and reliable measurement results. LEXT obtains 3D images in one click for real-time, high precision non-contact surface measurements (step height, roughness, waviness, particle analysis, etc.). It offers the capability to merge real color information to the image and unique observation methods like laser confocal Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) for the detailed inspection of the tinniest unevenness on a surface. FEI Company has recently launched the PHENOM Imaging Tool, a table-top SEM offering a BSE magnification of 20kX and instant sample loading for superb image quality and high throughput, bridging the gap between optical and electron microscopy.

In addition, MAB Industrial distributes Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (SIS) high resolution cameras and image analysis software for almost every TEM microscope in the market to increase the performance and to reduce operating costs.

Please contact us at for further information.

MAB Industrial, S.L.U.
Córcega 117
08029 Barcelona - Spain
P: +34 93 430 83 01
F: +34 93 419 58 79
Leica Microsystems
Leica Microsystems comprises the business areas of Microscopy, Specimen Preparation, Imaging Systems, and Medical Equipment.
Starting from 1st July 2004, Leica Microsystems has implemented a new customer oriented Sales & Service organization, split up into customer segments.
These segments
  • Clinical
  • Industry
  • Research
  • Specimen Preparation
  • Surgical
  • Dealers
are focused exclusively on a particular customer area and deliver high level support for all products of interest to the customers in this particular segment, from stereo microscopes to high power light or laser confocal microscopes, including all types of digital cameras or software.
The main objective is to meet the specific requirements of the individual customer much faster and to develop products and solutions tailored to the requirements of each individual customer segment.
In all the 11 countries of the European Sales Organization there are sales persons, product specialists and service engineers ready to answer to specific requirements, and each Segment is organized into a European team, reporting to a European Sales Director.
This allows both to pay the highest attention to the specific requirements of the different countries, but also to include a European approach to the Leica solutions for our customers.For the Benefit of Mankind
High technological performance for the benefit of mankind is the purpose behind our products. With microscopes for routine and research applications in life sciences and industry, Confocal microscopy, surgical microscopes, and advanced systems in image analysis, laboratory equipment for tissue processing, embedding, staining, microtomes and ultramicrotomes for cryosectioning and sample preparation - wherever Leica Microsystems instruments and systems are used, they make an important contribution to the quality of our life.
Leica Microsystems' success is based on the system solutions and innovative technologies that we develop with and for our customers and the international reputation for quality associated with the Leica brand name. The continuing development of new products with our customers for biological, medical and industrial progress is a key component of our strategy.

For more informations contact in Spain:
Leica Microsystems
C/Nicaragua, 46, 5ª
08029 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934949530
Fax: +34 934949532
For more than two decades Raith GmbH has been developing and selling high-tech systems in the domain of nanotechnology worldwide.
Main areas of operations are designing and manufacturing of systems enabling fabrication of superfine surface structures down to the range of less than 10 nanometers (electron and ion beam lithography) and semiconductor inspection tools for industry (defect review).
Renowned customers such as Infineon Technologies or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston avail themselves of the know-how Raith has acquired since its early being in business.
With its highly educated staff of physicists, engineers and technicians Raith offers optimum service and support for answers to technical and application related questions.
Worldwide Raith qualifies its personnel to provide fast and competent help to its customer requests.
Since 1985 Raith has pioneered the way for SEM lithography. Today complete turnkey lithography system solutions complement Raith product portfolio. These systems are used in state-of-the-art research in Physics, Electrical Engineering and other R&D related fields.

Raith GmbH
Hauert 18 - Technologiepark
44227 Dortmund
Phone: +49 (0)231 / 975000-0
Fax: +49 (0)231 / 975000-5

The CIBER BBN is one of the new CIBER consortiums existing in Spain that was created under the leadership of Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) to encourage the following objectives:

- To increase research capabilities by sharing resources and promoting synergies.
- To enhance a greater and better use of advanced technologies in the National Health System.
- To improve the technological level of the national industry in this field.
- To favour the emergence of specialists with a high level of training in health technologies.
- To increase the presence of Spain in decision-making forums and international research networks in this field.

The scientific areas comprised within the CIBER-BBN are: Bioengineering and biomedical imaging, Biomaterials and tissue engineering and Nanomedicine, and the Center's research is focused on the development of prevention, diagnostic, and follow-up systems, and on technologies related to specific therapies such as Regenerative Medicine and Nanotherapies.

C. Maria de Luna 11, Ed. CEEI Módulo 3
Zaragoza 50018
Tel. y fax 976 512368

SUMINISTRO DE MATERIALES Y ASISTENCIA S.L. SUSSMicroTec Smart Equipment Technology (SET) AnnealSys

Since 1992 Suministro de Materiales y Asistencia has been founded with the finality to dedicate it to the microelectronics.
The company is dedicated to the distribution of microelectronic equipment.
Representing the most important companies especialized in this sector, like SussMicrotec, SET and Annealsys and beeing one of the unics companies in Spain dedicated to sale this type of equipment.
Suppliers of process and testing solutions for markets as Advanced Packaging, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Compound Semiconductor, Silicon-On-Insulator and 3D Interconnect and systems for RTP, LPCVD and MOCVD.

Working with the most important private companies, universities and public institutions of Spain.

You can find more information in:
Suministro de Materiales y Asistencia SL
C/Caracas 6
28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid.
Tel: +34 91 803 31 86
Fax: +34 91 803 86 85

Atomic Force

Atomic Force F&E GmbH was founded in 1998 as a distribution, service and application support organisation for advanced metrological instrumentation for the European research community. The companies well-established pre-sales technical consulting and after sales technical support ensure productive work and support rapid return of investment into research equipment of its clients.
Activities target at both academic and industrial research laboratories in fundamental and applied research in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and advanced materials development.
Atomic Force F&E GmbH distributes the flexible and accurate Scanning Probe systems from Asylum Research, USA, the Stylus Profilers and Optical Profilers from Ambios Technology, USA, and the Scanning Probe Tips from Olympus, Japan.

Four physicists and one electrical engineer work in the headquarter and the regional office near Munich, supported by a full time secretary and two part time internals.
Since its foundation, Atomic Force F&E GmbH has experienced rapid growth of sales and customer base and supported this growth by increasing staff and office space.

You can find more information in:
Ludger Weisser
Atomic Force F&E GmbH
Hauptstrasse 161
DE-68259  Mannheim
Tel: +49-(0)621-762117-0
Fax: +49-(0)621-762117-11

LOT-Oriel Group

LOT-Oriel is a high-tech distribution company, established successfully more than 30 years in research and development in university as well as industrial surroundings. Besides the headquarters in Darmstadt we serve the needs of our customers all around Europe either through our subsidiaries or cooperation partners. Our main activities cover fields like:

  • Optical spectroscopy, microscopy
  • Laser, laser optics
  • Material research
  • Surface science
  • Bio-/nanotechnolgy

One of our key areas is the rapidly expanding field of bio-/nanotechnolgy focusing on different products/technologies:

  • Life Science Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) for high-end applications under controlled environmental conditions
  • Metrology Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for routine analysis and quality control
  • Bottom-up nanofabrication via Dip Pen Nanolitography
  • Nanoindentation, measurement of hardness, modulus and wear resistance of thin coatings
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D) for rapid characterisation of biointerfaces

Please contact:
Dr. Andreas Bergner
LOT-Oriel Group Europe
Im Tiefen See 58
D-64293 Darmstadt
phone: +49/6151/8806-12

Laboratorios Alpha San Ignacio Pharma

Alpha San Ignacio Pharma is an early stage NanoBio Chip company, positioned to deliver a scalable sensor platform to the Molecular Diagnostics world. His first market for 4 year firs roll up phase is the anticoagulants treatment market. Oral Anticoagulants Treatments (in Spanish TAO, tratamientos orales anticoagulantes) is a core market in the developed countries markets. Around 1-1,5% of total population is affected. Comparative studies of the state of the art on the quality of oral anticoagulant therapy reflects a disjunctive choose (warfarin versus acenocoumarol). Mechanism target of coumarin action relies on the significance of vitamin K epoxide reductase inhibition. An a general reference index INR is treated to evaluate patient evolution, however part of the internal effects interaction are a black box and are some room for improvement. Combining nanotechnology and digital signaling is possible to obtain cost and time savings advantages.  Combining advances of semiconductor industry looking directly electrical signaling instead of creating reaction, then spending 2-3 hours to observe results (needing to colored fluid) and altering substrate is possible to reach cost advantages (using less antibodies), saving time, and requiring less knowledge to use it as point of care system. Also at specialized central lab level research opportunities with this scalable and multiplexed technology unveil pharmacogenetics at a reasonable prize allowing not to study singe gen interaction but a most appropriate holistic approach exploring simultaneous interactions in different organ and systems interactions. Now that alphabet genome is interpreted is time to keep surveying words, and single sentences in gene expressions to reach personalized medicine.

Alpha San Ignacio Pharma is focused in the enabling technologies and bridging platforms, trying to contribute to global research with easiest to use technologies at a lower cost following Intel business model with Pentium family that facilitate outsource and integration from different providers at a reasonable price to quality adjusted model that facilitate standard adoption.

Product Description

The basic product consists of a highly sensitive Field Effect Transistor (FET) based sensor, capable of detecting femtomolar concentrations of proteins or nucleic acid. The sensitivity of such a nanobio sensor is a function of many variables, but most importantly the receptor material, which in this case consists of functionalized Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs). The Company plans to integrate the NanoBio Chip within the existing infrastructure of the Infectious Disease, Food Testing and Pharmacogentic Diagnostics Industries, in that order. There are many proven platforms for sample delivery, microfluidics and signal processing, and therefore the Company will focus efforts on providing the most compact, and sensitive device within a universally adaptable platform.

Alpha San Ignacio Pharma.
European Headquarters. Azalea 135
El Soto de la Moraleja, 28109. Madrid Spain
+34 626 00 41 07

Cordouan Technologies

CORDOUAN TECHNOLOGIES is a young start-up that sells and markets a range of new innovative analysis instruments based on patented technology.

The CORDOUAN DL-135 is a state-of–the-art Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument:

The new nano-particle size analyzer DL-135 based on DLS technology brings you the best practicality, sensitive and accurate performance of analysis system with a versatility to offer precision measurement for your laboratory’s particle characterization needs.The flexibility of an innovative optical design (no alignment, calibration or maintenance required) allows measurement of sample in diluted solutions but also in concentrated/dark/absorbed dispersion or emulsion. This original patented optical design can measure particle size from 2 nm up to 6 µm range with very lower multi-diffusion effects.

The Cordouan DL135 makes the rapid characterization of macromolecules in solution and nanoparticles in syspension, mono or polydisperse concentrated samples, polymers and material in emulsion, carbon particle…as ferrofluid, ferromagnetic … with a small volume of your sample.The external probe option for the DL-135 boosts the performance and applications possibility of the instrument to a unique level for on-line and in-line measurement.

The instrument is compliant with 21CFR Part 11 and all other current standards including ISO13321

The CORDOUAN RLP 20 is a revolutionary Refractive Index measurement,

Backed by patented technology of IFP experience, this revolutionary instrument uses a unique optical design to determine the refractive index (nD) and Brix values by measuring the dynamic light scattering of sample in any physical chemistry applications such as analysis for dark and opaque suspensions over a revolutionary range from 1nD to 4nD. The Cordouan RLP 20 has no calibration, and requires minimal maintenance, clean up and sample preparation. This is ideal for samples with low and very high Refractive index, oils, Cosmetics, high polymers, concentrated solutions, oil refinery production, organic solvent etc…


Stéphane Ait-oumeghar
Sales Development Manager
Cité de la photonique
11 Avenue de Canteranne
33 600   PESSAC- France
Phone: +33(0) 556 158 045
GSM : +33(0) 681 275 126
Fax:+33 (0) 547 747 492