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A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to allow students performing graduate work at European (Spain, Portugal and France) institutions to present a poster at the upcoming Nanospain2009 Conference. These five days conference will feature talks addressing all fields of science, engineering and technology at the nanoscale.

To be eligible, students must be actively pursuing a PhD degree and must be in good standing with their department. To apply for travel funds, please submit a two-page abstract (filling out the form here - the Presenting author should be the student requesting the grant) of the subject you will present in a poster session. Also, send by e-mail to Dr. Antonio Correia a short letter of support from your thesis advisor. Preference will be given to students nearing completion of their thesis work.

Around 30 fellowships for Spanish Students will be available for the Nanospain2009 Conference. These bursaries will cover travel expenses up to 150 Euros (max).

10 fellowships for Portuguese Students: These bursaries will cover travel expenses up to 300 Euros (max).

Around 10 fellowships for French Students (Labs belonging to C´Nano Grand Sud-Ouest Network). These bursaries will cover travel expenses up to 150 Euros (max).

During the conference, the organisation will provide a reimbursement form to each student granted. On receipt of this form duly filled out and of the requested documents (copy or original receipts), the organisation will submit them to the funding Institution to allow them to process the reimbursement.
The following items could be reimbursed through the student travelship bursary:
Train / Bus / Air Ticket / Petrol or Hotel
The reimbursement process could take between 2 and 4 months depending of the source of funding.

20 student grants were awarded in 2005
43 student grants were awarded in 2006
43 student grants were awarded in 2007
105 student grants were awarded in 2008

Dr. Antonio Correia
Fundacion Phantoms
PCM - Pabellon C - 1º Planta
Campus de Cantoblanco - UAM
Ctra de Colmenar km 15
28049 (Madrid), Spain

Fax: +34 91 4973471

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