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Satellite Workshop
NanoSpain conferences provide an ideal venue for industrial, academic and governmental organizations to share common objectives and drive the commercialisation of nanotechnology discoveries. Last year more than 300 participants gathered in Zaragoza (Spain) for Nanospain2009 and 17 companies exhibited at this meeting. The combined exhibition, poster displays, and catering was a big success.

This year we have chosen Malaga for NanoSpain2010. It is well connected by train to other parts of Spain and Europe.

Join us at Nanospain2010 to meet new and former customers, to get feedback from clients and, why not?, to make new friends. See you in Malaga.


- Exhibition booth with resistant panels (corner booth will only have one side panel)
- Electricity socket (220V)
- Inclusion of your own brochures in the conference bag
- Logo and short description of the company in the conference abstract book
- Logo and internet link of your company on the conference web site
- Company logo in all Nanospain2010 marketing channels

A. Package 1 for exhibition booth (4m2):
1100 Euros (VAT included)
- A 2.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE person, including the conference dinner

B. Package 2 for exhibition booth (6m2): 1400 Euros (VAT included)
- A 3.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for ONE representative, including the conference dinner

C. Package 3 for exhibition booth (8m2): 1700 Euros (VAT included)
- A 4.00 m x 2.00 m exhibition booth with resistant panels
- One table and 2 chairs plus one meeting table and 2 chairs
- Full entrance to the conference for TWO representatives, including the conference dinner

D. Package 4 for exhibition booth (12m2): 2100 Euros (VAT included)
- A 6.00 m x 2.00 m (or corner) exhibition booth with resistant panels
- Two tables and 4 chairs, plus one meeting table and 2 chairs.
- Full entrance to the conference for TWO representatives, including the conference dinner

Stand Allocation: on first-come, first-served basis.
A floor plan will be available in January 2010. Booth distribution in the floor plan is only orientative. Modifications can be included upon request. Please, contact us if you have any special need or request.
Additional furniture or audio-visual equipment are available for a fee upon request.

Payment of fees: Booth space is not reserved until payment is received. Booth fee payment must be received before the early-bird fee deadline, or a surcharge will apply. Fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
- Bank transfers (must be net of all expenses) to “Phantoms Foundation” - must indicate Nanospain2010 Conference and NAME OF THE COMPANY. Make the payment to the following bank account:
CAJA MADRID – Pabellon C – PCM, 28049 Cantoblanco (Madrid) – Spain
I.B.A.N (International Bank Account Number): ES15 2038 1608 7060 0001 1588
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CAHMESMMXXX
VAT Number: ES-G83352724

Cancellation policy: Cancellation is allowed until February 19, 2010 without any penalty. A 30% cancellation fee will be assessed if cancellation is received after that date. Cancellations received after March 01, 2010 will be assessed a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total fee.

Consejeria de Salud
Andalusia, in the south of Europe, is the most populated region of Spain (8.3 million inhabitants). It has been an autonomous region since 1981, and Andalusia aspires to become one of the leading regions in offering the latest therapeutic opportunities to its citizens. Therefore, the Regional Government, in line with the wishes of Andalusians, is committed to promoting advanced therapies research and its translation into clinical settings.
Recent research advances have given rise to new hope in the treatment and diagnosis of many illnesses for which there is currently no cure. Translational research in the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine, clinical genetic and genomic medicine, and nanomedicine seems to have a key role in solving these research riddles.

Each of the above strategic research programs have a specific thematic research centre: CABIMER, GENYO and BIONAND.

BIONAND is born as the Andalusian Reference Centre to promote high-quality research in the field of Nanomedicine. The Centre creates a multidisciplinary research environment that provides expertise and fosters collaborations for the design, development, and use of nanosystems for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. BIONAND steers the convergence of recent advances in nanotechnology with modern biology and medicine: the new research domain of nanobiotechnology. BIONAND research includes the development of nano-based diagnostics for rapid monitoring and targeted therapies, as well as nano-based localized drug and gene-delivery, and improved cell-nanomaterial interactions. The Centre’s vision will help to improve health by enhancing the efficacy and safety of new and existing therapeutic and diagnostic agents through the discovery and application of innovative nanosystems and devices.

is the materialization of a common objective: to encourage scientific excellence and socio-economic development in Andalusia while setting the standards for the medicine of the 21st century.

Please contact us at or visit our web page for more information.

Nanotec Electronica

Nanotec Electronica is one of the leading companies in the Nanotechnology Industry. In only ten years Nanotec Electronica has established itself as one of the strongest companies that design, manufacture and supply Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM). Our highly qualified team uses cutting-edge technology in order to provide a cost-effective tool to gain access to the nanometer scale for both scientific and industrial communities. With its headquarters based in Spain and distributors located around the world, Nanotec ensures global presence and guarantees total customer satisfaction.

Nanotec´s Cervantes FullMode Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in its several configurations allows not only imaging samples with atomic precision but also the study of magnetic, electronic and mechanical properties at the nanoscale, making it a powerful tool for physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers willing to characterize their samples at the nanometer scale. Its robust design provides strong mechanical stability to ensure high imaging resolution, and its semi-automated and open design allows scientists to exploit the capability of SPM to its maximum for both research and academic purposes.

Nanotec Electronica also provides Dulcinea Control Systems, with an open and modular design that facilitates interfacing with any other standard AFM/SNOM/STM system available in the market. Highly versatile, it allows different modes of operation from Contact Mode to Frequency Modulation Mode and lithography ensuring a reliable and accurate performance of all SPM systems.

Nanotec has also developed and freely distributes SPM software WSxM. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy operation of SPM microscopes and data processing. WSxM is available for its free download at

If you have any questions, or want any information about Nanotec Electronica, please contact us at:

Centro Empresarial Euronova 3
Ronda de Poniente 12, 2º C
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) SPAIN
Tel: +34-918043347
Laboratorios Alpha San Ignacio Pharma
Alpha San Ignacio Pharma is an early stage NanoBio Chip company, positioned to deliver a scalable sensor platform to the Molecular Diagnostics world. His first market for 4 year firs roll up phase is the anticoagulants treatment market. Oral Anticoagulants Treatments (in Spanish TAO, tratamientos orales anticoagulantes) is a core market in the developed countries markets. Around 1-1,5% of total population is affected. Comparative studies of the state of the art on the quality of oral anticoagulant therapy reflects a disjunctive choose (warfarin versus acenocoumarol). Mechanism target of coumarin action relies on the significance of vitamin K epoxide reductase inhibition. An a general reference index INR is treated to evaluate patient evolution, however part of the internal effects interaction are a black box and are some room for improvement. Combining nanotechnology and digital signaling is possible to obtain cost and time savings advantages.  Combining advances of semiconductor industry looking directly electrical signaling instead of creating reaction, then spending 2-3 hours to observe results (needing to colored fluid) and altering substrate is possible to reach cost advantages (using less antibodies), saving time, and requiring less knowledge to use it as point of care system. Also at specialized central lab level research opportunities with this scalable and multiplexed technology unveil pharmacogenetics at a reasonable prize allowing not to study singe gen interaction but a most appropriate holistic approach exploring simultaneous interactions in different organ and systems interactions. Now that alphabet genome is interpreted is time to keep surveying words, and single sentences in gene expressions to reach personalized medicine.Alpha San Ignacio Pharma is focused in the enabling technologies and bridging platforms, trying to contribute to global research with easiest to use technologies at a lower cost following Intel business model with Pentium family that facilitate outsource and integration from different providers at a reasonable price to quality adjusted model that facilitate standard adoption.

Product Description

The basic product consists of a highly sensitive Field Effect Transistor (FET) based sensor, capable of detecting femtomolar concentrations of proteins or nucleic acid. The sensitivity of such a nanobio sensor is a function of many variables, but most importantly the receptor material, which in this case consists of functionalized Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs). The Company plans to integrate the NanoBio Chip within the existing infrastructure of the Infectious Disease, Food Testing and Pharmacogentic Diagnostics Industries, in that order. There are many proven platforms for sample delivery, microfluidics and signal processing, and therefore the Company will focus efforts on providing the most compact, and sensitive device within a universally adaptable platform. Alpha San Ignacio Pharma.

European Headquarters.
Azalea 135
El Soto de la Moraleja, 28109. Madrid SPAIN
+34 626 00 41 07
Iesmat is a Spanish company that supplies, installs and provides technical and application support in the world of Materials and in particular in the Characterization of Particles, Surfaces and Liquid Dispersions.

Among the instrumentation offered by Iesmat, Nanotechnology receives particular emphasis and attention:

Malvern Instruments         
Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight analysers, "Zetasizer Nano", capable of measuring particles in a size range between 0.6nm and 6000nm, molecular weights between 1000 and 2x10-7 Daltons, and zeta potential distribution in a single instrument. It is also possible to analyse parameters such as the melting point of biomolecules, agregation factor, 2nd virial coefficient and critical micelle concentration, using two patented technologies DLS-NIBS and M3-PALS.
The new protein dedicated instrument, Zetasizer uV is a unique instrument requiring extremely low amount of sample, only 2µ, "Auto Plate Sampler" available in the fully automated Zetasizer APS runnning up to 384 samples fully unattended.
Viscotec - Malvern Instruments

Systems for characterization of molecular structures for all types of macromolecules such as proteins, natural and synthetic polymer systems through GPC / SEC TDAmax, 270max, Rimax and Viscotek HT-GPC

Iesmat product range include other very interesting instrumentation in the characterization of materials, like particle size analysers by laser diffraction technology and rotational and capillary rheometers and viscometers from Malvern Instruments, systems and surface characterization and water adsorption on porous materials from Quantachrome, optical systems for stability studies of all types of liquid dispersions from Formulaction, chemical imaging systems SyNIRgi from Malvern, Raman systems from DeltaNu  and ion mobility systems and FTIR for pharmaceutical validation from Smiths Detection.

IESMAT goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction in using the latest technologies from our selected list of leading manufacturers in scientific instrumentation.
If you need our expertise, please contact us at

Contact us:
Parque Empresarial Miniparc II – Edificio M
C/ Caléndula 95
28109, Alcobendas, Madrid SPAIN
Teléfono: 902 012 027 (International: +34 91 650 8005)
Fax: +34 91 650 7990
Iberlaser S.A.
Iberlaser was setup in 1993, and is based in Madrid-Spain. Our principal mission statement is provide research Spanish market with the novel instrumentation  and  highly qualified servicing .
Our lines of products include:  

Bio-technology:  Complete Microscopy solutions.
Laser Technology.  CW  and Pulsed lasers covering the range  UV-VIS-IR
Low light Imaging:  High performance digital cameras and imaging software packages
Solar Simulators and illumination sources
Spectroscopy: Spectrographs and detectors. Time resolved and steady state fluorimeters.  
Surface chemistry: Interface Analysis,  Dip coaters,  Monolayers preparation and characterization. Microbalance QCM.

Contact us:
Web site:
Tel: 91 658 67 60  Fax: 91 654 17 00
Avda. Pirineos, 7 - Oficina 2-8b
28700 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) SPAIN
Since 30 years Raith GmbH has been developing and selling high-tech systems in the domain of nanotechnology worldwide.
Main areas of operations are designing and manufacturing of systems enabling fabrication of superfine surface structures down to the range of less than 10 nanometers (electron and ion beam lithography) and semiconductor inspection tools for industry (defect review).
Renowned customers such as Infineon Technologies or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston avail themselves of the know-how Raith has acquired since its early being in business.
With its highly educated staff of physicists, engineers and technicians Raith offers optimum service and support for answers to technical and application related questions.
Worldwide Raith qualifies its personnel to provide fast and competent help to its customer requests.
Since 1985 Raith has pioneered the way for SEM lithography. Today complete turnkey lithography system solutions complement Raith product portfolio. These systems are used in state-of-the-art research in Physics, Electrical Engineering and other R&D related fields.

Raith GmbH
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8
44263 Dortmund - GERMANY
Phone: +49 (0)231 / 95 004-0
Fax: +49 (0)231 / 95 004-460
Schaefer Techniques
Schaefer Techniques

The Schaefer group distributes over Continental Europe equipment for research, industry and education: Nanotechnology – Materials Analysis – Vacuum Technology – Measuring Instruments.

The technical experience of Schaefer Group is an additional value to the customer, who receives an excellent pre- and after-sale support.

Please visit our booth to discover our instruments. Among them, you will see how to:

Count, Size and visualize Nanoparticles with Nanosight LM20. 0.3 ml samples are introduced to the viewing unit using a disposable syringe and, enhanced by a near perfect black background, nanoparticles appear individually as point-scatterers moving under Brownian motion. Polydisperse and multimodal systems are instantly recognisable and quantifiable, as are agglomerates and contaminants. The image analysis Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software suite allows the user to automatically track and size nanoparticles on an individual basis. Results are displayed as a frequency size distribution graph and output to spreadsheet. Video clips of images can also be retained.

Contact Veronique Pires
Schaefer Techniques
1, rue du Ruisseau Blanc
Phone : +33 (0)1 64 49 63 50
E-mail :
New Web :

MecWins is committed to developing new biosensing nanotechnologies addressing the needs for fast, easy and highly sensitive genetic analysis. The goal of MecWins is to provide cutting edge tools for genetic analysis for disease prognosis, diagnosis and Pharmacogenomics.

MecWins applies the latest advancements of Nanotechnology in the Sensors field through close collaboration with key research groups in Nanomechanical sensing. 
Nanomechanical biosensors are based on the principle that molecular recognition on the surface of a bio-functionalized micromechanical system (e.g., a cantilever) results in a bending (deflection) of few nanometers (static mode) or in a change of the resonant frequency (dynamic).

Mecwins has also signed a Transfer of Knowledge Agreement with CSIC*, one of the major scientific players in Spain.

Advantages of MecWins technology

The combination of advanced instrumentation for the optical read-out of the nanomechanical signal together with the study of the hydration forces in the biolayers provides key advantages to MecWins technology, including:
  1. Label-free detection.
  2. Parallel detection in bench top equipment.
  3. Robust response in a flexible platform: Any cantilever design and cantilever number is addressable by the same read-out platform with MecWins technology.
  4. Shorter analysis time.
  5. Lower cost.
  6. High sensitivity: Over 100 fold higher sensitivity than the label dependent microarrays.
  7. Excellent specificity: Clear imprints for matching, non-matching and SNP mismatching DNA are obtained by Mecwins technology.
Application fields
  1. Biomedicine
  2. Pharmacogenomics
  3. Drug discovery
  4. microRNA
  5. Surface characterization
  6. MEMS monitoring and characterization
  1. Medical diagnostics
  2. Environmental monitoring
  3. Genetic análisis

Contact Person: Oscar Ahumada
Mecwins S.L.
Santiago Grisolía,2
28760 Tres Cantos (Spain)
Tel: + 00 34 918 049 064

RAMEM has developed under its brand IONER® a full line of scientific instruments for the generation, charging, classification and detection of volatiles and nanoaerosols. The core of the technology is the measurement by Differential Mobility Analysis (DMA) of the electrical mobility of ions and nanoparticles. This technology has been protected under three international patents.

The mentioned technology has application in the following fields:

  • Analytical Chemistry: environmental pollution control, security (explosive and illegal substances detection), quality control, agro-feeding industry, medicine (breath analysis for clinical diagnosis), biology (protein analysis), etc
  • Aerosol Science and Technology: atmospheric monitoring, diesel and industrial exhaust emission.
  • Nanoscience: electrospray deposition of isolated nanoparticles and macromolecules from liquid dispersions and size classification of nanoaerosols.

  • The following list includes the products marketed under IONER®:

  • Electrospray source: ES-3020
  • Ultra-low current electrometres: EL-5010, EL-5020 and EL-5030
  • Planar NanoDMA: ND-1010
  • High voltage sources: HV-7010, HV-7020 and HV-7030
  • Corona charger: CC-8020
  • X1 Plane Parallel VOC-DMA
  • Aerosol Flow Control: AM-4020
  • Sheath Flow Control: SM- 2020

  • Contact us:
    Web site:
    Tel:  (+34) 914044575
    Fax: (+34) 914034596
    Address: C/ Sambara 33, 28027 Madrid SPAIN
    Hamamatsu is dedicated to using photonics technologies to address the needs of mankind through practical application, as well as using photons as a tool to create scientific knowledge and explore matter, energy, distance and time.

    Our manufacturing divisions support our vision by the design, manufacture and sales of products for the detection and generation of light, which our customers apply in fundamental research in diverse fields. Many sensors which were made using conventional methods need to be completely redesigned using new nanotechnologies . In addition, the possibilities of these techniques open new challenges for new application dedicated to biology, drug discovery and medical fields.

    3 700 people work for Hamamatsu all over the world.

    In Europe Sales offices operate in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.


    Centro de Empresas de Nuevas Tecnologias
    Parque Tecnologico del Vallés
    E-08290 Cerdanyola (Barcelona) SPAIN
    Phone : +34 93 582 44 30
    Fax : +34 93 582 44 31

    Please contact us at or visit our web page for more information.

    Phantoms Foundation
    The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) ("Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior") is the Spanish Government agency serving Spanish companies to promote their exports and facilitate their international expansion, assisted by the network of Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Offices and, within Spain, by the Regional and Territorial Offices.
    It is part of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade ("Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio").

    España, Technology for life:

    The Phantoms Foundation (non-profit organisation) was established on November 26, 2002 (in Madrid, Spain) to provide high level Management profile to National and European scientific projects.
    The Phantoms Foundation works in close collaboration with Spanish and European Governmental Institutions such as MEC (Spanish Ministry of Science) and ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), or the European Commission to provide focused reports on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology related research areas (infrastructure needs, emerging research, etc.) and develop activities to stimulate commercial nanotechnology applications (Spanish Pavilion at nanotech2008).


    JPK Instruments
    About JPK Instruments AG
    JPK Instruments AG is a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instruments - particularly atomic force microscope (AFM) systems and optical tweezers - for a broad range of applications reaching from soft matter physics to nano-optics, from surface chemistry to cell and molecular biology. JPK was recognized as Germany’s fastest growing nanotechnology company in 2007 and 2008 (Deloitte). From its earliest days applying atomic force microscope (AFM) technology, JPK has recognized the opportunities provided by nanotechnology for transforming life sciences and soft matter research. This focus has driven JPK’s success in uniting the worlds of nanotechnology tools and life science applications by offering cutting-edge technology and unique applications expertise. Headquartered in Berlin and with direct operations in Dresden, Cambridge (UK), Singapore and Tokyo, JPK maintains a global network of distributors and support centers and provides on the spot applications and service support to an ever-growing community of researchers.

    Contact us:JPK Instruments AG
    Bouchéstr. 12
    12435 Berlin, Germany
    tel:  +49 30 5331 12070
    fax: +49 30 5331 22555

    AttoCube System
    attocube systems AG manufactures and distributes a complete line of easy-to-use scanning probe microscopes and nanopositioning systems for temperatures in the range from 300 K down to 10 mK! The innovative nanopositioners are also compatible with high vacuum and ultra high vacuum environments as well as with high magnetic fields up to 31 Tesla.

    Central to our proven suite of low temperature microscopes is our powerful combination of fully automated and absolute reliable low temperature positioning devices with modular and flexible scanning probe sensors, designed specially to meet the needs of today’s low temperature research. Our instruments give users the ability to analyze samples down to the atomic level, even at Milli-Kelvin temperatures.

    attocube systems AG
    Koeniginstr. 11a RGB
    80539 Muenchen – Germany
    Phone: 0049-89-2877809-0
    Fax: 0049-89-2877809-19

    The Electron Microscopy Division is an integral part of Carl Zeiss developing, producing, selling and servicing SEM, TEM and Particle Beam instruments designed to set unique high quality standards and to provide customer focused solutions for the Semiconductor, Material Analysis and Life Science application fields worldwide. Development and production facilities are based in Oberkochen (Germany), Peabody, MA (USA) and Cambridge (UK).

    The history of electron microscopy at Carl Zeiss dates back to 1949 when the first commercial TEM was launched. Nowadays, the company’s extensive know-how also comprises ion-beam technology and e-beam based analysis technology enable us to deliver innovative solutions for your business. Our global applications and service network guarantees fast, reliable and high quality support focussed on customer requirements. Combined with dedicated upgrade strategies, this will protect your investment for its entire lifetime.

    The New and Powerful Combination of FIB and GEMINI® Column:

    NVision 40®.  and  AURIGA®

    For more information, please contact:
    Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, S.L.
    c/Frederic Mompou,3
    08960 Sant Just Desvern
    Tel.: 00 34 93 480 29 52
    Fax: 00 34 93 371 76 09
    Nanoaracat is a collaboration agreement framework among the Spanish Communities Aragon and Catalonia, to encourage a series of joint actions in I+D+i in the area of the Nanoscience and the Nanotechnology.
    Since 2006 this initiative promotes the research collaboration and the technology transfer among 13 research centres and 5 universities from both communities participating in the project.
    Find in our Web page more information about the members.

    Current projects and activities:
    • Organization of Nanoscience scientific conferences and technology transfer sessions with the academic and industrial sectors.   (see events on the Webpage)
      • AIN IV (4th Nanotechnology Industrial Applications Workshop). 16th June. Barcelona. Casa Llotja de Mar”.
    • Promotion of scientific interchanges to provide facilities and equipment of other centers, including the payment for the journey and the accommodation.
    • Financing training courses for researchers and technicians in Catalonia and Aragon.
    • Financing visits to set new projects.
    • Financing scientific exchanges among these communities.
    Researchers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology areas from Catalonia and Aragon can request budget for those activities applying at:
    The applications will be revised by the scientific commission, which will decide the appropriateness of the request, as we as the amount of the financing of the action in about 10 days.

    More information:
    Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA)
    Susana Sangiao Barral
    Promoción tecnológica
    Telf. 976 762 891 / 628 547 330

    Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN)
    Jordi Reverter Cendrós
    Tel. 93 581 49 17 / 676 93 56 90

    Ana de la Osa
    Tel. 93 581 49 63

    SIE - Sistemas informáticos Europeos
    Sistemas Informáticos Europeos specializes in cluster and machines dedicated to Scientific Calculus and Parallelization Technology. Our company was founded in 1990 and for ten years we have been working in this field.

    The company has applied the HPC Technology to the field of Scientific Research that has very specific requirements different to those needed in other disciplines.

    Thanks to the cooperation with scientists through the R+D agreements, our customer experiences feedback and the improvement accomplished with time, we have been able to get to this point.
    Nowadays, hundreds of Scientists calculate with our SIE Ladon (clusters and machines), not only from Spain, but in many cases from remote parts of the World. Dozens of Universities and Calculus Centers, public and private, use day by day our systems which allow them to advance in the High Technology Areas.

    SIE feels modestly proud to have contributed to the achievements with the Linux Open Source Developments. All systems Sie Ladon have three years warranty onsite and the best price-quality relation.

    More information:
    C/ Marqués de Mondéjar 29-31 2ºPlanta
    28028 Madrid – Spain
    Tel: +34 913.61.10.02 Fax: +34 913.61.10.87

    Micos Iberica
    MICOS IBERIA SL is specialized in the distribution of high-tech components and systems in Spain and Portugal in the following fields:
    1. Micro- and nanopositioning
    2. Optics and optomechanics
    3. Fiber optical sensors
    4. Solid State ultra fast lasers
    The concentration of its activities in the area of Fotonics and Motion Control, the wide range of specialized products as well as the high experience in the market allow MICOS IBERIA to offer qualified assistance and optimized solutions to the applications of its clients.

    Of particular interest are customized developments for applications where standard products cannot warrant the success of a project, and solutions for low temperature and ultrahigh vacuum conditions.

    C/ Carlets 25 1º 1ª
    08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)
    Tel.: +34 93 816 03 80
    Fax: +34 93 816 03 79

    Telstar Instrumat
    TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. develops high technology instrumentation sales for research and industry, offering suitable technological tools adapted to each application, in order to improve the scientific researches or productive processes of our clients. In these last few years, TELSTAR INSTRUMAT has strengthened its activities representing leading companies in Spain & Portugal in the following applications:

    - Surface and material characterisation and metrology
    - ThinFilm deposition systems
    - Vacuum and cryogenics instrumentation and technology
    - Radiometry and photometry

    TELSTAR INSTRUMAT, S.L. counts amongst its customers the principal Official Organisation Investigation Centres and private customers in the microelectronic, aerospace, automotive, optical, food and pharmaceutical industries and in innovative fields such as biotechnology and nanofabrication.

    Some of our principals that are specifically of interest for the attendees to this conference are listed below:

    - Veeco Instruments (SPM, Optical and Mechanical Profilers)
    - Sopralab (ellipsometry and thin film pororisty)
    - MicroMaterials Ltd (Nanoindentation Systems)
    - SPECS GmbH (Surface Analysis, XPS, AFM-STM in UHV) 

    The company's head office is in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and it also has a branch office in Madrid.

    Telstar Instrumat, S.L.
    Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 70, 3ª Planta
    08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain)
    Tel. +34 935 442 320
    Fax. +34 935 442 911

    C/ Santibáñez de Béjar, 228042 Madrid
    Tel. +34 913 717 511
    Fax. +34 917 477 538

    NanoAndMOre GmbH
    NanoAndMore GmbH was founded 2002 with the objective to supply the scanning probes microscopes  (SPM) community in the best possible way with a wide range of consumer goods from SPM probes, calibration standards, substrates to coating material, and more.

    As an independent company our mission is to enable our customers to choose from a broad variety of products, brands and manufactures the SPM probe suitable for their needs. Since 1991 we have experience in this market, nobody else has more insight into in the world of SPM probes.

    As of January 1st 2005 NanoWorld Holding AG acquired 100% of the NanoAndMore GmbH.

    Our products are optimized for research, development, and process control applications when visualization, modification, and measurement of nanometre-sized surface structure is critical.
    Our first aim is to pursue the idea of bringing new developments in the field of measurement instrumentation to the laboratories in scientific research and industry, and on customers demand.

    Currently we offer brands as: BioForce NanoScience, BudgetSensors, Mantis Deposition Ltd., NANOCRAFT, NANOSENSORS, NanoTOOLS, NANOWORLD, SiMetrics, SmartTip, sQube and Team NanoTec. We will continue to extend our product scope.

    NanoAndMore GmbH
    Steinbuehlstrasse 7
    Spilburg Bld. A1
    35578 Wetzlar
    Tel:  +49 (0)6441 8706272
    Fax: +49 (0)6441 8706274

    International Science and Technology Center
    ISTC is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to international scientific cooperation. Established by international agreement in 1992 and based in Moscow, ISTC coordinates the efforts of numerous governments, international organizations and private sector organizations, providing scientists from Russia, Georgia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) opportunities to use their talents for EU partners.

    ISTC has projects in the following areas:

    • Counter Terrorism and Global Security
    • Biotechnology, Public Health and Agriculture
    • Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Safety
    • Environmental Remediation and Climate Change Mitigation
    • Renewable and Environmental Friendly Energy Technologies
    • High Energy Physics based on Advanced Accelerator Technology (also called Particle Physics)
    • Nanotechnologies
    • Space and Aeronautics
    • Laser Technology

    Partner Program

    The Partner Program assists private companies, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations to identify and engage highly skilled Russian and CIS scientists and R&D project teams.
    Benefits of becoming a Partner:

    • Cost free technology-demand matchmaking
    • Moderate R&D costs
    • Full project management services
    • Full control of project funds by Partner
    • Direct and transparent payment to scientists
    • Tax and custom exemption
    • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
    • Co-financing of projects that meet national priority areas

    For more information on ISTC contact:
    Albert Gozal,
    ISTC EU Promotion Manager
    32-34 Krasnoproletarskaya ulitsa,
    127473, Moscow, Russian Federation
    Tel: +7 (495) 982-3281.