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LASING since 1980, is dedicated to the distribution of the highest technology in instrumentation and photonics products. In Spain, we are pioneers of new technologies, coupled with excellent technical support.

LASING has a large number of installations in Research Centers, Universities, Hospitals and main Industries. Reliability and customer satisfaction are the number one priority, ensuring  long term relationships with our customers and principals.


As a world leading manufacturer of nanofabrication instrumentation, Raith helps customers in achieving great results in their field of work. Offering over 35 years of experience and an international service and support structure, Raith supplies the best solutions for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam nanofabrication, nanoengineering, IC reverse engineering and life sciences applications. Be at the top of the game in your area of expertise, with the best Raith solution for realizing your application


For more than 15 years Iesmat has been specialized in the technology of nanoparticles, particles, materials, liquid dispersions and macromolecules. We have worked with our clients and their specific problems, developing experience and solutions related to materials technology in different industrial sectors such as: Pharmaceutical, Biosciences, Chemical, Food, Hygiene and consumer products or Raw materials. We will be your consulting partner on the first question or trouble that may arise, and also your technical partner in the later maintenance and technical services you may need. Tell us about your application and we will give you a complete solution through our technology specialists.


The NETPORE COST Action will create an international network of world-class researchers and stakeholders to promote joint ideas and initiatives aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental developments and practical applications of technologies based on porous semiconductors and oxides.



The IFIMAC – Condensed Matter Physics Center is a new María de Maeztu Excellence Research Unit located in the campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid pursuing cutting-edge research and scientific excellence. It comprises researchers from several university departments aiming to advance the limits of knowledge in both theoretical and experimental Condensed Matter Physics. Sixty four researchers constitute its permanent staff with up to ninety postdoctoral researchers and Ph.D students.


Nadetech Innovations is a company specialized in the development of coating equipment. Our goal is providing the required instruments and technical support for coating deposition, films, colloids and other micro-nano structured materials. Based on the experience acquired during years, our solutions have been adapted according to customer requirements.
The fields of application of our products and services are diverse: nanotechnology, advanced materials, high performance nanocomposites, surface physics, chemistry, biochemical coatings, monolayer and colloidal research, clean technology and wet deposition among others.
Nadetech offers solutions focused on different coating techniques as Dip Coating, Sol-gel, ESAM, Electro spinning and Layer by Layer.


With half a century of experience, Grupo Alava offers technological solutions that provide competitive value, as well as improving procesess and reducing costs for our clients. Technology incorporation in the industry is a reality.
Our journey has been adapting and rewriting according to the requirements of our clients and it is our main goal to continue doing so. We offer support, technological solutions and services that bring value not only to the industry, but also society.
As a result, if you have a problem, we have the technological solution you need.

  The Technical University of Madrid is the largest Spanish technological university as well as a renowned European institution. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, it is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly-qualified professionals, competitive at an international level.

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