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Wed 18 Thu 19 Fri 20
08:00-08:45 Registration
08:45-09:00 Opening Ceremony
Chairperson: Fernando Herranz (IQM-CSIC, Spain)
09:00-09:30 KEYNOTE Nanoactuators for Therapy and Diagnosis Jesús Martínez De la Fuente,
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09:30-10:00 KEYNOTE Cationic Polymeric Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications María Rosa Aguilar,
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10:00-10:30 KEYNOTE Hybrid materials for 3D cell model fabrication Dorleta Jimenez de Aberasturi,
biomaGUNE, Spain
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10:30-11:00 Coffee Break / Exhibition & Poster Session
Chairperson: Jesús Martínez De la Fuente (INMA, Spain)
11:00-11:30 KEYNOTE Personalized in vitro extracellular matrix models using nanoparticles or cell-derived matrices Josep Samitier Martí,
IBEC, Spain
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11:30-11:50 INVITED Laser bioprinting using BA-LIFT: from single cell to tissue engineering Carlos Molpeceres,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
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11:50-12:05 Developing tools for advanced bio printing Juan Antonio Ruiz Fuentes,
Nadetech Innovations, Spain
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12:05-12:35 KEYNOTE Multimodal nanotracers for molecular imaging of cardiovascular diseases Fernando Herranz,
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12:35-13:05 KEYNOTE Polypeptide-based Nanoconjugates as Versatile Therapeutics María J. Vicent,
Centro de Investigación príncipe Felipe, Spain
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13:05-13:20 Stimuli responsive Bacterial Cellulose composites Anna Laromaine,
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13:20-13:35 First results on improving the efficacy of magnetic hyperthermia using non-sinusoidal alternating magnetic field waveforms Jose Javier Serrano Olmedo,
UPM, Spain
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13:35-14:30 Cocktail Lunch offered by Nanospain 2022 / Exhibition & Poster Session
14:30-15:00 Poster Session I
Chairperson: Stephan Roche (ICREA/ICN2, Spain)
15:00-15:30 KEYNOTE Quantum links between quantum computers Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll,
IFF / CSIC, Spain
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15:30-16:00 KEYNOTE Exploring new 2D halides materials for quantum devices Celia Rogero,
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16:00-16:30 KEYNOTE Scattering of classical and quantum states of light with angular momentum by dielectric micro/nanoresonators Ruben Esteban,
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16:30-17:00 Coffee Break / Exhibition & Poster Session
Chairperson: Pablo Ares (UAM, Spain)
17:00-17:30 KEYNOTE State-of-the-art in imine-based covalent organic frameworks processability Felix Zamora,
UAM, Spain
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17:30-18:00 KEYNOTE Charge Matching of occluded Organic Structure Directing Cations in Zeolites Fernando Rey,
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18:00-18:20 INVITED Harnessing the structural modulations in van der Waals heterostructures by 4D-STEM nanodiffraction Gabriel Sanchez Santolino,
UCM, Spain
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18:20-18:35 Linking the macroscopic properties of nanofluids with the interfaces configuration Javier Navas,
University of Cádiz, Spain
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18:35-18:50 Composite cathode for Li-sulfur system: Effect of inorganic additives on electrochemical performance Marketa Zukalova,
J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Acad. Sci., Czech Republic
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18:50-19:20 KEYNOTE Intrinsic Properties of Multiphase Nanostructured Ionic Conductors Daniel Sharon,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
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