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Iesmat is a Distribution Company of Scientific Instrumentation, focus on the materials characterization - Particles, nanoparticles, liquid dispersion and macromolecules. More info

The SUSS MicroTec Group is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring applications with seventy years of engineering experience. Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for backend lithography, wafer bonding and photomask processing, complemented by micro-optical components. The production of memory chips, cameras for mobile phones or tire pressure sensors – the equipment solutions of SUSS MicroTec are applied within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for applications of daily or industrial use. Customers in the semiconductor industry and related markets like Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED appreciate our comprehensive experience in wafer processing. This makes us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development. More info


Nadetech Innovations is a company specialized in the development of coating equipment. Our goal is providing the required instruments and technical support for coating deposition, films, colloids and other micro-nano structured materials. Based on the experience acquired during years, our solutions have been adapted according to customer requirements.
The fields of application of our products and services are diverse: nanotechnology, advanced materials, high performance nanocomposites, surface physics, chemistry, biochemical coatings, monolayer and colloidal research, clean technology and wet deposition among others.
Nadetech offers solutions focused on different coating techniques as Dip Coating, Sol-gel, ESAM, Electro spinning and Layer by Layer. More info


Mecwins is a biotechnology company at the forefront of innovation in the field of single protein molecule counting. With a sensitivity several orders of magnitude greater than conventional immunoassays, our technology provides cutting-edge technique with exceptional throughput, multiplexing capabilities, and a broad dynamic range. Ideal for use in a range of areas including oncology, cardiovascular, inflammatory, and infectious diseases, Mecwins leverages its proprietary single molecule digital counting method to create highly sensitive immunoassays that have the potential to transform the medical industry. More info


The NETPORE COST Action will create an international network of world-class researchers and stakeholders to promote joint ideas and initiatives aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental developments and practical applications of technologies based on porous semiconductors and oxides. More info

Surflay Nanotec GmbH is specialized on coating colloidal and planar materials with functional polymer films of nanometer thickness by the LbL-Technology®. Applications are in biofunctionalization, bio-sensing, diagnostic particles and encapsulation/controlled release of active ingredients. Surflay offers an unique range of customized multifunctional nanoparticles especially for Lateral Flow Assays as well as sensor-microparticles and fluorescence-labeled polymers.
Furthermore a new label-free analytical method based on Whispering Gallery Modes has been developed, by which bio-interactions on sensor particle surfaces can be measured with high spatial resolution. More info

Advanced Wave Sensors (AWSensors) is a high-tech company that designs, develops, produces, and markets high precision sensing instrumentation for basic research, pre-clinical research, and industrial applications. Its scientific technology for direct and real-time molecular analysis is used by researchers to measure mass, thickness and viscoelasticity of thin films. The company’s QCMD instruments, sensors, and accessories are of interest in research fields such as new materials (wear, corrosion, swelling,…) and life sciences (DNA study, infectious diseases, clinical diagnosis…).
In 1984 Beneq started the world’s first industrial production using atomic layer deposition (ALD). Today, Beneq is the most recognized provider of ALD equipment and R&D services. Our mission is to create premium tools for production and for research, and to enable technology mega trends through industrial ALD solutions.
The Porous Silicon Company is a leading supplier and developer to manufacturers worldwide. We aim to provide porous silicon in all shapes and forms to expand the boundaries of today´s technical capabilties. Future technological breakthroughs in electronics, e-mobility, consumer goods, solar, sensors, and medicine, to name a few, are happening now largely through the use of porous silicon.
Novac is an italian startup working on innovative technology for supercapacitors and batteries. Novac aims to obtain safer devices through utilization of proprietary solid state electrolytes and higher power performances thanks to patented current collector technologies and active materials.


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